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Our Charity History

Our Charity History

We like to think of ourselves as different at Les Ormes. Everything we do has our guests' interests at heart – and the very heartbeat of Les Ormes is The Bosdet Foundation. When you stay with us, you are not only benefitting from an enjoyable family holiday, but you are also supporting the Foundation. 


The Bosdet Foundation is a charitable trust set up by the late George Bisson in 1989 in memory of his mother whose maiden was Bosdet. George owned Les Quennevais Campsite, now Les Ormes, and its surrounding properties and transferred it all to The Bosdet Foundation. The main principle of the Foundation is that income made on the land is to be invested back into the community, to help the people of Jersey.

Since 1989, the Foundation has quietly donated to the community. In 2008, when the self-catering accommodation was introduced at Les Ormes, the annual amount donated significantly improved. In 2017, over £300,000 was funded to charities and charitable activities. 

This is something we are extremely proud of. We strive to evolve and improve our facilities at Les Ormes for everyone  the guests and our community as a whole.